The Trent Powerboat and Ski club(TPSC)

The TPSC is a waterski club founded in 1964 and is based on individual member boat ownership and operation. The club is very family friendly and operates on four stretches of water on the River Trent in Nottinghamshire between Nottingham and Newark. The ski zones are adjacent to the villages of Gunthorpe, Hoveringham, Hazelford on the north side of the river and Farndon on the south. Due to the loss of slipway facilities some years ago at Hoveringham this stretch of water now forms an extension to the Hazelford zone.

Some "time" restrictions are inforce during the fishing season but these are only operational at the weekend. No restrictions exist Monday to Friday and this applies to bank holidays.

Gunthorpe looking down river towards our landing area under the bridge