TPSC - Farndon Zone

One of the longest zones operated by the club, but it has its share of bends and shallows. An arrangement exists with Farndon Harbour boatyard to use the slipway and for trailer storage. Please make sure you leave your trailer in a unobtrusive position. To reach the zone you leave the harbour water and travel up stream, the zone starts some 50 metres past the old Ferry Boat Cafe which is situated on the north bank of the river. Situated in the center of the zone is the landing stage and grass picnic area, property of the club. This landing area is approached by travelling towards Nottingham from Farndon by vehicle along the old A46 not the new A46 dual carriageway. On the right hand side after a quarter of a mile is a Filling Station cuurently not in use, the landing area is at the rear through the gateway, a gate key is needed.
Toilet facilities are available at Farndon Harbour but not at theFilling Station. Deep water turning points are marked on the plan, be careful turning higher up the zone. The East Stoke end of the Zone is a useful stretch to teach Beginners, but it does have some shallow areas.

Always take a Skier off from the landing stage area in a down stream direction. Be careful of Skiers coming down stream for drop off, they have right of way. When dropping a Skier off, please give the landing stage a wide berth and collect ski lines as soon as possible